On the side of the Houthis

The liberal press surpasses the government on the ground of militarism. Revolutionary Marxists against imperialism at home

11 Marzo 2024

The big national press has intoned the patriotic campaign against the Houthis. While the grand national unity in support of the military mission in the Red Sea is celebrated in Parliament - from Meloni to M5S via the PD - "opposition" columnists compete in declaring themselves more militaristic than the post-fascist-led government itself. The case of La Stampa (GEDI group) is emblematic. As early as January 26, well in advance, it bit the bullet in calling for the mission:

«There are three rules: better late than never, do it soon, succeed in the intent, which is only one: get Maersk and Cosco's container ships back on the Suez route, instead of circumnavigating Africa... The rest comes later... The EU has already waited and wavered too long... freight rates tripled, insurance doubled... The Houthis cite solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza... Gaza is a pretext... Operation Aspides is needed if it secures a vital artery of the Mediterranean and Europe. This requires proper rules of engagement: all agree on a defensive mission, but does defense also contemplate responding to the bases from which the attack comes? And if not, how credible is the protection... in the eyes of commercial operators? The EU mission in the Red Sea should focus on defense and protection of commercial traffic to and from Europe. Either it ensures them or it doesn't... The rest is aside.»

Yeah, the rest. It is interesting to note how liberal rhetoric about human rights - let alone self-determination - gives way with cynical nonchalance to superior business interests. The Palestinians are "aside," what matters is the free Suez route.

The point is that the free Suez route is not undermined by the Houthis, except reflexively, but by the Zionist carnage in Palestine, by the mountain of arms and money that the big imperialist "democracies" continue to provide to Israel, while feigning humanitarian compassion for the Palestinian victims.

The Houthis, beyond their political nature, are today the only entity in the Arab camp that gives the Palestinians not words of comfort but concrete military support: by thwarting the sailing of Israeli ships, either headed for Israel, or belonging to the imperialist countries most involved in Zionist aggression, the US and Britain. If the US and Britain bomb the Houthis, they do so first of all to support Israel. If Italy, France, and Germany send their own naval ships, with troops on board, to this war scenario, they make themselves direct participants in this war against the Houthis. Which is Israel's war against the Palestinians and their resistance.

In this scenario we know where we stand, as in all our history: on the side of the oppressed peoples, on the side of their resistance, against colonialism and imperialism, starting with our own. The rest... is really aside.

Communist Workers Party - International Trotskyist Opposition