Syriza and Die Linke on the side of the Zionist state

What does the Italian left think about it?

17 Ottobre 2023

The hysteria of European ruling circles in favour of Israel has opened an ominous breach in the Party of the European Left (of which the Italian Communist Refoundation Party is a member).

Syriza, newly taken over by a businessman, expresses its «unequivocal condemnation of today’s attack by Hamas against Israel» and stands in solidarity with the Israeli people. A position so unbalanced in favour of the Zionist state that it provoked an outcry from a youth section of the party («It is not possible to liken the responsibilities of the oppressors with those of the victims... it is not possible to condemn the Hamas attack and remain silent about the State of Israel and its policy»).

Germany Die Linke does worse: «We condemn in the strongest possible terms Hamas's terrible terrorist attacks on Israel. (...) Hamas's declared aim is the destruction of Israel. (...) From the history of the Holocaust, of anti-Semitism, the state of Israel is a historical necessity, that must never be questioned». A statement that even embraces the assimilation of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, which is the flagship of all reactionary propaganda, legitimising the seventy-five years of oppression on the Palestinians.

Question: does the Communist Refoundation Party have anything to say about its allies in Europe?

Workers Communist Party - International Trotskyist Opposition