With the Palestinian people, against the state of Israel

Completely independent of the religious right of Hamas, but always on the side of an oppressed people against the occupying forces

8 Ottobre 2023

Hamas' military attack is raising in these hours the wave of solidarity with Israel from all imperialist diplomacy, in every corner of the planet.

Tons of revolting hypocrisy, which ignores the oppression of Palestine, which confuses oppressors and oppressed, which removes the essential responsibility of imperialism in supporting Zionist terror.
As revolutionary Marxists, we have always denounced the political nature of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood to which it belongs, the system by which it governs Gaza, its practices against civilians, the support it gives to the mullahs' dictatorship in Iran or Erdogan's regime in Turkey. But one thing is the political struggle against the religious right within the camp of Palestinian resistance to Zionism, another thing is to support the Zionist state against the Palestinian people and their right to resistance.
We have no doubt about which side we're on. As everywhere in the world, we choose the unconditional defence of an oppressed people, its right to freely express its self-determination, its right to resistance against the occupying forces, regardless of the political nature of its leadership.
The state of Israel was born out of the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their land through the methods of terror. The entire history of the Zionist occupation of Palestine rests on the practice of terror. Terror practiced by the occupying military forces and settlers. Terror in the West Bank, where as many as 700,000 settlers have now settled. Terror towards the people of Gaza, against whom Israel has already waged six wars in the last eighteen years, with several thousand Palestinians murdered.

Netanyahu's current far-right government has extended and increased terrorist methods against the Palestinians and their rights. Just think about the barbaric operations recently waged by Zionist troops in the Jenin refugee camps.
To speak of "Israel's right to its own defence", all the more so today, simply means the shameless defence of the daily terrorism of Zionism.
To those who call for "peace in the Middle East", we say that peace will never be possible between an oppressing state and an oppressed people. All so-called "peace agreements" with Israel, such as the famous Oslo Accords of 1993 (blessed by the reformist left all over the world), have turned out to be a deception for the Palestinians. Only the revolutionary dismantling of the state of Israel, of its legal, confessional, military foundations, can liberate Palestine, allowing Palestinians the right to return to their own land. Only the full and free self-determination of the Palestinian people will allow a peaceful coexistence with the Jewish minority. Only by framing the Palestinian resistance in a socialist perspective, in Palestine and throughout the Middle East, will it be possible to achieve this historic solution – the only real solution to the Palestinian question.

Workers Communist Party - International Trotskyist Opposition