No to the criminal NATO expansion!

29 Giugno 2022

No more than a few years ago Kurdish fighters were hailed in the Western countries as heroes fighting against the terrorist organization known as ISIS. Largely armed by NATO and mainly by imperialist USA (rightly without any protest being proferred by the actual so-called pacifistic pro-putin supporters), Kurdish forces formed the main front-line force engaged in that war. Very few objected against the (wrong, in our opinion) YPG/YPJ's decision to continue fighting not only with help supplied BY, but alongside WITH, US troops.
When Trump, thankful for Putin's help given to his 2016 victory, decided an overall withdrawal of US troops from the Rojava territory, the high Pentagon Command felt betrayed.
Today, this has all but forgotten, in the crucial moment of confrontation with Russian imperialism. Erdogan will promptly receive all the weapons he wants, while Sweden and Finland will start renouncing to defend political refugees (lists of people to be expulsed are in the making).

Our condemnation of this criminal agreement cannot be stronger. The growing strength and organization of NATO is part of a world picture based on today's confrontation, and probably tomorrow's war, between the old imperialist powers, lead by the USA, and the new imperialist Russian-Cinese bloc, rised from the fall and capitalist transformation of the old Stalinist regimes.

In this situation, where real confrontation is between the capitalist bougeoisies of the two parts, we, as consequent leninists, decide for bilateral revolutionary defeatism, aimed at the transformation of confrontation between imperialisms into civil war and socialist revolution. As leninists, we are able to distinguish imperialist powers from nations and countries that are not imperialist. This is the reason we are uncondionally on the side of the Kurdish people against all its enemies, be they Erdogan, Assad, al-Nusra or ISIS, and in favour of their right to arm themselves by any means, the same way we support Ukraine in its struggle for national indipendance against Russian putinist oligarchy. We do it without giving whatsoever support to the governments of these states, and solely in the prospective of socialist revolution.

Naturally we are able to distinguish between the Zelensky bourgeoise goverment and the PKK, a petit-bougeoise radical revolutionary nationalistic organization. This is the case specially now, after having abandoned Stalinism only to embrace Murray Bookchin's (once a young american trotskyist union leader) democratic confederalist libertarian theories. But this does not prevent our duty to defend a country that is being attacked, such as Ukraine today, as revolutionary Russia did in 1920 against Turkey, headed by bourgeoise Kemal Ataturk, against Greece supported by the English.

No to the criminal agreements of NATO expansion

No to the arming of the reactionary Erdogan regime

Hands off Kurdish refugees in Sweden and Finland

NATO and CTSO (military alliance between Russia and its satelites) are terrorists, not PKK

For unconditional dissolution of both military imperialist blocs

For the withdrawal of Turkish and Syrian troops from Kurdish territories

For an independant, united and socialist Kurdistan, inside a Middle Eastern socialist federation

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Workers Communist Party (Partito Comunista dei Lavoratori)