The current situation in Ukraine

23 Febbraio 2022

Yes to self-determination for Donbas. Yes to an independent socialist Ukraine as created by Lenin's and Trotsky's 'Bolshevik communists'. No to the intervention of Russian troops. No to inter-imperialist confrontation. Yes to the international socialist revolution


In response to the clash that is developing in Ukraine, the PCL (Workers' Communist Party) reiterates the positions it has repeatedly stated in recent days. The clash between Russia and NATO over the Ukrainian issue is fundamentally an expression of an inter-imperialist conflict between the old capitalist powers led by the US on one hand, and the rising Russian neo-imperialism allied to the Chinese on the other. In general, therefore, in this confrontation, following the Leninist tradition, communists can only adopt a position of bilateral revolutionary defeatism.

At the same time, again reflecting the traditions of those whom Putin rightly calls the 'Bolshevik communists' (although he intends it pejoratively), we claim that Donbas is entitled to self-determination to the extent of separation and eventual unification with Russia. But the intervention of Russian troops changes the nature of the issue. We therefore strongly demand the immediate withdrawal of these troops from the territory of Donbas.

In addition, we strongly reject the accusations by Putin referred to above, that the Bolsheviks of Lenin's and Trotsky's time created a fictitious nation in Ukraine. In fact, a Ukrainian language, distinct from Russian, has existed for centuries and there is, furthermore, a widespread feeling of autonomous national identification on the part of the majority of the country's composite population.

At the same time, we strongly reject and pledge to fight provocations and any concrete actions of Western imperialism and of NATO against Russia. We are opposed not only to military interventions but also to any kind of sanctions. In this situation, we consider "the main enemy remains in our country", i.e. it is NATO that we must fight. However, in the fight against NATO and Draghi's Atlanticist government, what sets us apart is that we do not adopt a simply pacifist stance. Without the development of a process of international socialist revolution, capitalism and the various imperialisms will not only prevent truly democratic solutions to existing national problems, but will also push for military confrontations and wars based on the economic interests of their bourgeoisies, that are devastating for the peoples involved and for the whole of humanity.

As the great German revolutionary Karl Liebknecht, secretary of the Socialist Youth International in the early 20th century, used to say: «If you want peace, prepare the revolution».

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Workers' Communist Party (Partito Comunista dei Lavoratori)