No to war!

Not a person, not a penny for the war in Ukraine! The main enemy is at home

25 Gennaio 2022

Drums of war on the Ukrainian front.
The situation is likely to remain limited to a diplomatic cold war. But it's possible that the tension will escalate into a direct confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, and thus between Russia and the NATO camp.

We are unconditionally against the war.
The interests of the workers have nothing to do with the interests of the imperialist powers on either side. Not with the interests of Russian imperialism, which has crushed the workers' revolt in Kazakhstan, and is busy defending and expanding its area of influence by taking advantage of the weaknesses and contradictions of Western imperialism (in the Balkans, Libya, Africa, Syria, Latin America). Nor with "our own" American and European imperialism, interested only in expanding its military and economic bloc in Europe at the expense of Russian imperialism, and in advancing in its strategic conflict with Chinese imperialism on a global scale.

As internationalists, we fight first of all against imperialism at home, which is always the main enemy. In the midst of pandemic, the military budgets of US imperialism and European imperialism are growing. Troops are massed on the Ukrainian front. The intent is to deny the people of Donbass the right to self-determination, to protect the right of Ukraine to join NATO tomorrow. The aim is to expand the borders of NATO in Europe itself, as has happened before in the last thirty years, wiping out all previous promises and diplomatic efforts. The “democratic” imperialisms know only the language of force, like their rival imperialisms.

American and European workers have no reason at all to "die for Donbass", to continue to squeeze health spending to pump up military budgets. They have no interest in threatening or supporting economic sanctions of their own imperialism against Russian imperialism. The flags of “democracy” and “freedom” are only hypocritical standards for the great powers, the USA at the head, who have regularly trampled them throughout their history in order to subjugate to their yoke oppressed peoples and nations.

Similarly, Russian workers have no interest in further sacrificing their standard of living and cutting their pensions to support Putin's strategic ambitions, the repression of their Kazakh class brothers, the Russian expeditions in Central Africa.

Workers have only one homeland, the homeland of their class. They have only one flag to defend, that of socialism. Against all imperialism, starting with their own.

No to NATO, no to war!

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Workers Communist Party (Partito Comunista dei Lavoratori)